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At Marvin Academy, we believe that sports can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Our main goal is to create a safe and fun environment where student-athletes can not only improve their skills but also learn important life lessons. One of the core values we strive to instill in our players is character. We believe that being a good person is just as important as being a good athlete. Through our programs, we teach our students the importance of honesty, respect, and responsibility both on and off the court or field. By providing a supportive and encouraging environment, we help our athletes develop a strong sense of self-worth and belief in their potential. 


We teach our players the importance of playing fair, following the rules, and being honest in all aspects of the game. Winning is important, but how you win is equally important. We teach our players to respect their opponents, officials, and teammates. We encourage them to compete with passion and intensity, but always with fairness and respect. Through our program, we aim to help students develop their talents to their fullest potential. We provide expert coaching, training, and opportunities for competitive play. By fostering a love and appreciation for the game, our players will continue to grow and excel long after their time at Marvin Academy. 




Marvin Academy Volleyball is dedicated to creating a secure and enjoyable setting where student-athletes can enhance their volleyball skills. Our primary objective is to nurture essential life principles such as character, confidence, self-esteem, integrity, and sportsmanship. Players are able to not only improve their volleyball abilities but also cultivate a profound love for the sport.

 Head Coach: Patti Uribe 

Assistant Coach: Brittany Zessin

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​Basketball is a team sport that requires players to work together in order to achieve success on the court. It involves coordination, communication, and collaboration among teammates to outscore the opposing team.​ Players must stay disciplined by following the rules of the game, respecting their teammates and opponents, and putting in the effort to improve their skills. However, despite the competitive nature of basketball, ​we believe it is also important for players to have fun and enjoy the game they love.

 Head Coach: Chris Hawley

Assistant Coach: Mike coutchure

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Flag Football

Marvin Academy holds a deep appreciation for flag football, as it is a highly cherished sport within our community. However, our focus extends beyond the game itself. We place great emphasis on instilling values such as good sportsmanship, discipline, respect, teamwork, and safety in our student-athletes. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each student has a positive and enriching experience through their participation in flag football.

 Head Coach: Chris HAwley 

Assistant Coach: Mike coutchure

assistant coach: Tony seeden

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The cheerleading program at Marvin Academy provides athletes with a valuable opportunity to showcase their leadership skills. The coaches uphold high standards in behavior, academics, and sportsmanship. The team collaborates, fundraises, and enjoys their time together. Above all, the cheer team prioritizes helping one another and promoting the values and principles of their campus. Being a cheerleader at Marvin academy is both a privilege and an honor, as it entails representing the school with grace and integrity.

 Head Coach: erin knowles

Assistant Coach: cathy cohn

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More sports will be offered in the 2024/2025 school year. Sports and clubs are offered based on student interest.

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